Always by the way!

Always by the way!

GRIFON non-stick mat - cooking without additional use of fats and oils in your home.

GRIFON non-stick mat is your indispensable assistant in the kitchen! This mat provides easy and convenient preparation of various dishes, including pastries, meat and poultry. Thanks to a special material with a non-stick effect, you can cook on the mat without using oil, which makes your dishes healthier.


The mat is easy to clean and dries quickly, it can be used repeatedly, which makes it a cost-effective choice compared to parchment or foil. It is as universal as possible - it can be used to cook meat, poultry, fish and vegetables, as well as pies, pizza, cookies and other pastries.

The mat can be operated at temperatures up to +270 degrees Celsius. The dough does not stick to the surface and does not burn. When baking, you do not need to use sunflower or butter. Baking is baked evenly and well. The mat is durable - it can be used up to 1000 times! Washing a non-stick mat is very simple, no special tools are required. It is very important when preparing food and removing it from the mat to carefully use forks, knives or other sharp devices so as not to scratch the surface and not damage it.

Enjoy the convenience and flawless cooking results with the GRIFON non-stick mat!


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