Eco-friendly and practical

Eco-friendly and practical

GRIFON Bio cutlery made of natural wood is the choice of people who are not indifferent to their health and the preservation of the environment.


The GRIFON company is actively engaged in the development of the production of disposable environmentally friendly products from birch wood. The production base is located in Siberia and allows us to provide a high-quality eco-friendly replacement for disposable plastic without compromising nature. The manufacturing process is organized in such a way that chemicals and glue are not used during processing.


GRIFON Bio cutlery made of birch veneer is designed for picnics, outdoor celebrations, tourist trips. This is an ideal option for restaurants, cafes, fast food and catering. Wooden knives, forks and spoons are a real alternative to disposable plastic analogues. Products from the GRIFON Bio line are completely safe both for the environment and for humans.


Knives, forks and spoons of GRIFON Bio are not only tactile pleasant, but also have a presentable appearance. They withstand high temperatures, do not emit harmful substances, are environmentally friendly and do not require conditions for special disposal.


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