GRIFON on Wildberries

GRIFON on Wildberries

GRIFON products from the Russian manufacturer are now on the popular marketplace

Online shopping has long been a part of our lives. We used to value our time and do not spend it so often on shopping trips. Popular OZON and Wildberries marketplaces have become a fast-growing shopping channel. Here the buyer can choose a product among the mass of offers, compare prices and delivery terms, read reviews. Such online platforms simplify communication between the seller and the buyer several times, providing the latter with all the necessary information in advance and giving unlimited time for reflection before buying. This is the main convenience of marketplaces.


Now you can choose GRIFON products not only in popular retail chains, online store , but also in the official store of the trademark in Wildberries. What will you find there?

Firstly, products for cooking, cleaning and storing GRIFON with a quality guarantee from the manufacturer.

Secondly, convenient prices and promotions for our products!


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