Large packages for important cases

Large packages for important cases

GRIFON Strong bags are durable, roomy and comfortable.

Have you ever thought about how important garbage bags play in our lives? They serve to speed up and streamline the process of recycling industrial and household waste, protect the environment from the decomposition products of various garbage. Do not forget about another important factor - a tied garbage bag reliably blocks the penetration of unpleasant odors.


The new GRIFON Strong packages are designed for large tanks and containers, because it is for them that such a parameter as a wide neck is important. The width of the neck of these bags is 110 centimeters, and the volume is 240 liters. The new production line of the company provides increased productivity and high quality.

GRIFON Strong packages are produced on modern equipment of LEMO Maschinenbau GmbH - the market leader in the production of machines for the manufacture of packages.


For increased strength, they are responsible:

- three-layer polyethylene with a thickness of 30 microns, which gives increased tear resistance.

- double seam, which provides a load capacity.

There are 20 reliable packages in each package - a handle has been specially created for the convenience of carrying such a weighty roll.


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