New GRIFON Bio catalog

New GRIFON Bio catalog

Every year we start with a new GRIFON product catalog

New products, advanced manufacturing technologies, eco-friendly materials and packaging - all this has found a place in the new catalog "Big Book of useful things". The concept of souvenir products and the catalog of 2022 is dedicated to the development of the theme of bio and eco responsibility.

Bio is formed from the ancient Greek word βοος, which means life. What kind of life will be on our planet depends only on us. Very often people think that the problem of environmental protection has nothing to do with them. But we do things every day that harm or help preserve nature.

The use of eco-friendly packaging, separate garbage collection, processing of polyethylene and the production of goods from recycled pellets - all this we save the planet from pollution. It is enough to pay attention to your habits and think about whether they are all safe for nature.


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