Non-burning classics

Non-burning classics

GRIFON non-stick mat is a practical eternal hit in your kitchen

Your life will definitely be divided into before and after, if you try to cook something on a non-stick mat for the first time! Pastries, meat, fish - without the addition of fats and oils are prepared in the most magnificent way. The GRIFON non-stick mat can be called a universal assistant - it is suitable both for cooking simple everyday dishes and for creating culinary masterpieces.


Using this wonderful mat allows you to cook dishes without spending money on cooking paper and foil. The main charm of this product is that the food does not burn on it, and the mat itself is easy to clean. An impressive number of usage cycles. With careful handling, you can cook up to 1000 times on one mat. Burning and sticking of products is completely excluded - any baking will be removed easily and instantly.

The size of the mat is suitable for use in standard baking trays. Another useful property of the GRIFON non-stick mat was revealed by the housewives during use - it is very convenient to roll out the dough on it, even without sprinkling with flour!


What is the rug afraid of? Sharp knives! In any case, do not cut the cooked dishes directly on the mat - you will damage the surface and you will have to buy a new one.


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