Ready for baking!

Ready for baking!

Siliconized GRIFON parchment for round shapes.

Have you come across any life hacks online that tell you how to completely lay out a round shape with parchment? It turns out to be fascinating! The first step is to put the form on parchment, circle the circle with a marker, cut out a circle, place it on the bottom of the mold, measure the length with a rope…

There are still many different actions prescribed - you can spend the whole evening on it! Why are we planning such a long preface? To the parchment for round shapes GRIFON - saves time, helps to bake delicious goodies, is simple and convenient to use.


The siliconized GRIFON baking parchment in round shapes is created not only for baking, but also for packaging and storing food products. Parchment has excellent moisture- and fat-separating properties. The diameter of the parchment is 36 cm, and due to the presence of die-cuts, it can easily be placed inside the mold and close all the walls with an even layer. Silicone coating allows you to reduce or completely abandon the use of fats and oils for lubricating molds.

GRIFON parchment can be used for baking in gas and electric ovens at a maximum temperature of 220 ° C. Inside the package there are 10 sheets of parchment that do not need to be cut, measured and cut again - everything is ready for cooking! With careful use, sheets of siliconized GRIFON parchment can be used more than once.


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