Special foil

Special foil

The updated GRIFON food foil collection is now embossed and has an increased diameter sleeve.

GRIFON aluminum foil is traditionally used for baking products in the oven without the use of fats and oils. Someone uses aluminum foil to preserve the freshness of food during storage, someone says delicious dishes in it, and someone cooks and stores it in it. Without this brilliant assistant, it is difficult to imagine cooking in the modern world.

Thanks to the spectacular embossing, GRIFON foil gives aesthetic pleasure from use. All the dishes cooked in it become not only delicious, but also visually attractive. By the way, there is a good idea for serving - you can serve baked meat or vegetables immediately in embossed foil.

The updated collection of products for the preparation of GRIFON presents foil of various thicknesses: 9, 11 and 14 microns. GRIFON food foil with a thickness of 14 microns has increased heat resistance. Withstands high temperatures when cooking over an open fire and on the grill.

It is easier to pack products neatly and tear them off in embossed foil, because there are clear guidelines of straight lines. The increased diameter of the sleeve (38 mm) allows you to conveniently unfold the roll and store it after use.


Delicious food and bright emotions - new embossed GRIFON foil!


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