The present from Siberia

The present from Siberia
Real Sibirь foil of increased thickness with embossed - for thorough preparation.

Food foil has long been an indispensable thing in the kitchen. To evaluate the best qualities of aluminum foil, you can simply remember the packaging for coffee or tea, which reliably store the aroma of tea leaves, coffee granules or grains. Aluminum foil in rolls is used in household use – for baking delicious meat, fish and other delicious dishes.

The extra strong foil for baking, baking and storing Real Siberia products is made of aluminum produced in Siberia. It can withstand high temperatures and is designed for cooking products on an open fire, on a grill. The real Siberian strength is 20 microns. A special cellular structure increases the strength of the foil and allows it to maintain its shape.

Real Sibirь foil allows you to cook without the additional use of fats. It does not change the organoleptic qualities of the food products with which it comes into contact, it protects them well from external influences.
Increased strength, reliability-these are the main qualities of goods from Real Siberia. These are honest products created with Siberian practicality and love. From the pure Siberian heart.


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