We will bake!

We will bake!

The siliconized GRIFON parchment is created for convenient preparation.

Agree, it is very convenient when the place where the baking is laid out does not need to be oiled. On siliconized GRIFON parchment, you can cook confectionery in gas and electric ovens at a temperature of no more than 220 °. In addition, the fat and moisture-separating properties of parchment allow it to be usefully used in the storage and packaging of food products. Let's tell you one secret of experienced cooks - with the help of two sheets of GRIFON parchment, you can roll out the dough in a thin layer, you just need to place it between them.


Siliconized parchment performs two important functions: firstly, it increases the service life of molds and baking sheets, eliminating sticking, burning and subsequent cleaning of surfaces; secondly, with its help we get a clean bottom crust of confectionery products without the use of additional fats and oils, in addition, baking is easily removed.




Siliconized GRIFON parchment means less cleaning and hassle, more cleanliness, free time and delicious baking!


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