We will fry kebabs

We will fry kebabs

New GRIFON skewers made of chrome-plated steel - wooden handles, optimal length, wide blade with a twisted base.

A great gift for the new season of barbecue frying is a set of GRIFON skewers made of chrome steel! The blade of GRIFON skewers is made of chrome-plated steel, so it is suitable for cooking any kind of meat and vegetables. Each of the six skewers in the set has a length of 55 cm and is equipped with an ergonomic wooden handle. Skewers with a flat blade are considered universal, because they can be used to cook kebabs from a variety of products - meat, vegetables and poultry will hold well.

The width of the skewer is 1 cm, and the thickness is 1.5 mm. Chrome-plated steel does not affect the taste and color of food, as it does not interact with the acids contained in it. The wooden handle fits comfortably in your hand and does not allow you to get burned. The spiral at the base of the skewer eliminates accidental turning on the grill and ensures uniform roasting of kebabs.

You can cook traditional kebabs on flat skewers, or arrange the largest pieces of meat on two skewers in pairs - there are many use cases! With proper operation and careful storage, skewers will become faithful companions of your delicious picnics for many years to come.


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