We will kindle!

We will kindle!
Fireplaces, stoves, barbecues, bonfires - all this with a means for lighting GRIFON Bio.

With the arrival of winter, the desire to make a fire and warm up, comfortably sitting in front of a fireplace, stove or campfire, becomes only stronger. The GRIFON Bio ignition tool was created just to speed up this process.Sasha does not need to be opened, it is enough just to set it on fire and put it to the firewood.

Inside the package you will find 20 sachets filled with high-quality dry paraffin and herbal ingredients. This magic bag has a high heat dissipation and can ignite even firewood with humidity.

Lovers of winter fishing and outdoor activities, hunters have been actively using this useful tool for a long time. The reason for the popularity is quite obvious - we take up little space for Sasha, but it brings a lot of benefits. The bag is completely sealed and is not afraid of dampness or moisture. Even if you drop it in the snow or water, you can still make a fire with it.

GRIFON Bio is at the same time a safe, eco-friendly and effective means for lighting fireplaces, bonfires, barbecues and stoves.


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