We'll cook in the sleeve

We'll cook in the sleeve

GRIFON baking sleeves are a convenient, simple and delicious preparation of your favorite dishes without the additional use of fats and oils.

If you still haven't tried cooking in sleeves or baking bags, then it's time to evaluate how convenient and delicious it is. All products are prepared in their own juice, and partially steamed, which arises from this juice. The steam condenses and remains inside the sleeve - the products are also stewed. Thus, the product retains its useful properties and juiciness. The taste is more intense than in a steamer or when stewing. Since a closed microsphere is created inside the sleeve, the preparation of products is faster than with simple baking on a baking sheet in the oven. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the sleeve itself protects the microwave or oven from splashing and possible contamination.


Cooking in the sleeve does not require you to be physically present in the kitchen - this is a huge plus! Nothing needs to be turned over, make sure that it does not run away or burn. Take this time to do other things or rest. In GRIFON sleeves, you can cook meat and vegetables at the same time: beef with potatoes or fish with zucchini. All the components of the dinner are prepared at the same time, which also saves your time.


It is important to note that the heat treatment of products during frying deprives them of many vitamins and nutrients. When baking in a sleeve, under the influence of hot steam, all this is preserved in the best possible way. If you cook using seasonings and sauces, then it should be noted that when cooking in the sleeve, they do not evaporate, but are absorbed into the products. This will give the dish not only juiciness, but also give a richer taste.


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