Work for a behemoth

Work for a behemoth

GRIFON Super Power garbage bags with a behemoth on the label - everything will fit

Durable bags for heavy garbage are never superfluous, especially in summer. After all, it is in this sunny and sometimes hot season that there are so many repairs, construction, gardening works. GRIFON Super Power garbage bags are made of 2-layer polyethylene film. The existing production technology allows you to achieve sufficient thickness and strength, which guarantees a load capacity of up to 50 kg!


Garbage bags of different sizes have their own color - this is very convenient when collecting garbage separately. They do not take up much storage space, but when their help is needed, then they are irreplaceable. Roomy and durable - that's why the hippo is depicted on the label.


GRIFON Super Power packages are perfect for packing things when moving, during construction work, for garbage transportation, for gardening and cleaning after them. Excellent quality and durability, really meets expectations. Double-layer GRIFON garbage bags - will take out everything!


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