As versatile as possible

As versatile as possible
Introducing a new product - “Universal” and “Maxi” packages for baking GRIFON in one package.

In the frenzied rhythm of life, a modern person needs to keep up with everything - take care of himself, take care of loved ones, think about delicious and healthy food, engage in self-development and also relax. GRIFON cooking products help to save time on all this. Baking bags are minus the cost of cleaning and washing dishes, and plus healthy nutrition without the additional use of fats and oils!

In the line of GRIFON baking bags, replenishment is inside the package 2 + 2 packages of different sizes - “Maxi” and “Universal". 30 x 40 cm are the parameters of a “Universal” package, it is convenient to cook standard-sized portions in it. 45 x 55 cm is already the size of the package for baking “Maxi". This will easily fit a chicken together with vegetables.

The bags are made of a special material - polyethylene terephthalate, which is not afraid of temperatures up to 220 ° C and does not interact with cooking products. The main rule is to avoid contact with the walls of the oven! In addition, these bags can be used not only for baking, but also for freezing food.

Using baking bags helps to save time, because after cooking, the oven and microwave remain clean. Products in the baking process retain useful trace elements that disappear during other heat treatment (cooking or frying).

Cook with pleasure!


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