Convenience and practicality

Convenience and practicality

GRIFON food film with perforation line for easy separation.

When it comes to packaging and storing food, one of the most convenient and irreplaceable materials is food wrap. However, not all food films are equally convenient to use. Let's look at why the GRIFON food film with a perforated tear line has become a real breakthrough in the field of packaging and storage.

1. Fast and convenient
The main advantage of GRIFON food film with a perforation line is the ability to quickly and easily open the package. Thanks to the pre-created tear line, you no longer need to spend time and effort searching for and using knives or other sharp objects to cut the film. The perforation is repeated every 40 centimeters.

2. Precisely and smoothly
The perforation line on the food film ensures precise and even separation. This means that you can forget about uneven edges and a long search for a place to detach.

3. Save time and film
The use of food film with a perforation line also helps to save time. You will no longer waste time searching for additional tools for a smooth breakaway. In addition, the precise separation of the film every 40 cm reduces the excessive use of packaging material.




GRIFON food film with perforation line is an innovative solution that provides convenience, practicality and time savings. Thanks to the possibility of easy separation and smooth separation, it becomes an indispensable tool for packaging and storing products.


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